Heavy! Juventus finds «New Aguero» and completes the contract with only one condition


Juventus in the 2020-21 season, regardless of whether Pirlo admits it or not, «Croatian Dependence» is an objective reality. In the first 14 rounds of Serie A, Juventus scored 29 goals, and the offensive firepower was not as good as Inter Milan, Milan, Atlanta, Roma, Naples. Ronaldo scored 14 goals alone, close to half of the team’s total goals in Serie A.

Morata, Dybala, and Chiesa can also score goals, but the goal output is not high, and has never been a C Ronaldo who can rely on his own strength to make a decisive victory on the court.

Pirlo’s team also needs to bring in new forwards.

Years ago, Italian media said that Aguero’s Manchester City career was about to end and that the next stop of the Argentine center might be Juventus. But Juventus did not take corresponding substantive action.

According to the latest news from the «Torino Sport», Juventus has discovered the «new Aguero».Aguero started playing in the Argentine Serie A at the age of 15 and joined Atletico at the age of 18 to play in La Liga. He turned 33 on June 2 this year. However, injuries have increased and the decline in state has been severe. This season the Premier League played only 5 times, and only started 2 times, no goals or assists.For Juventus, the risk of introducing Aguero is not small.Known as the «New Aguero» is the 21-year-old Mexican forward Juan Macias.

Marcias was born on September 22, 1999, is 178cm tall and plays for the Mexican Super League team Guadalajara. This season, Marcias played 17 times in the league, including 16 starts, scoring 6 goals, is the team’s first scorer. Because the technical characteristics and dribbling skills are very similar to Aguero, Juan Macias is called «New Aguero».

«Torino Sport» stated that since Marcias is a non-European player, Juventus has to find another Serie A club to complete the signings in a cooperative way if they want to sign him. This is not a big problem for Juventus. In Italy, it is common for the two clubs to share a player’s ownership.www.camisetasfutbolbaratases.com

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