Bundesliga ends the winter break, Leipzig’s new year will make its first fire


At the end of the winter break, the Bundesliga reignited the 14th round. The second «pharmaceutical» Leverkusen and the third-ranked Leipzig respectively attacked their opponents on the away field, hoping to win and continue to chase the top Bayern Munich.

Before the winter break, Leverkusen lost to Bayern Munich, making his opponent a half champion, and his 12 league games unbeaten ended. The return of the winter break, the pharmaceutical factory is looking to regain its offensive qualities, this season so far scored 28 goals second only to Bayern in the team, very dependent on the frontcourt forwards Arario, Sigg, Pele and other contributions. In addition to their offensive excellence, they were also unambiguous on defense, conceding only 12 goals. Facing Frankfurt, which has only won 1 win in the past 5 games, the pharmaceutical companies that far outperform their opponents are optimistic that they can take all 3 points.

On the other side, Leipzig, who has been undefeated in the past 8 games (6 wins, 2 draws) on all fronts, challenged the old seven Stuttgart. The former coach Nagelsmann hopes to celebrate the team’s 150th milestone in the Bundesliga with victory. Leipzig is playing. The Bundesliga has won 80 victories so far, which is better than any Bundesliga club that has accomplished this feat.

Leipzig will continue to look to Poulsen and Fosberg to contribute, while seeking to continue the good performance of the past 4 games. In contrast, Stuttgart has suffered invincible morale in the past two games, and there is no advantage in home games this season, so it may be difficult to retreat.www.camisetasfutbolbaratases.com

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